• Rude Boy Magazine "To gain a grasp of who Miké is as an artist and person one must first grasp his gender expression. He’s the opposite of a very masculine looking lesbian because not many gay men really embrace their femininity the way he does. Growing up in the age of internet pop forums, he saw the way certain groups of fans would digest their favorite singers and he gradually created his own. Miké’s been doing music all his life and went to an arts high school in his senior year and did a year at Berklee College of Music for voice. He decided it wasn’t worth getting into mountains of debt for and so he was determined to create his own path."
  • Our Queer Art "What interests you about your medium or why do you use this medium? I appreciate the ability to relate to others through my own music. You can really learn to understand someone’s soul through the music and image they put forward. A good pop artist allows for all emotions to shine and create a cohesive chapter in the artist’s life with each album release."